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ETF and SEECEL reinforce cooperation on entrepreneurial learning

Year/Date: 16/01/2014

The ETF's entrepreneurial team with SEECEL's director and staff who visited the ETF on 13 February.

Photo: The ETF's entrepreneurial team with SEECEL's director and staff visiting the ETF on 13 February.

The ETF enterprise team got 2014 off to a flying start signing an agreement with the South East European Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning on more concerted actions to build further ownership and capacity of policymakers, business and civic interest groups on entrepreneurial learning.

A ‘four point’ plan covering 2014-2017 agreed between the two organisations foresees a series of actions in the EU’s pre-accession region designed to build further commitment and accountability of the 8 countries with perspectives to join the European Union on lifelong entrepreneurial learning.

The measures include upgrading the policy tools, improving assessment arrangements and capacity building of regional expert networks.

‘By 2017, our objective is to ensure that governments from our pre-accession region will have assumed full capacity and responsibility for assessing and reporting to the European Commission on entrepreneurial learning, enterprise skills and women’s entrepreneurship – all critical policy areas associated with the EU’s 2020 strategy,’ said Madlen Serban after the ETF-SEECEL talks on 14 January in Turin. ‘Our cooperation with SEECEL, our regional partner, is key to meeting this objective,’ added Serban.

The ETF-SEECEL meeting also allowed for discussion on re-formulating priorities areas for cooperation with the countries in the run-up to the next SBA assessment scheduled for 2015.

‘We need to raise the profile of the green key competence within the wider entrepreneurship and enterprise policy agenda,’ says ETF’s Anthony Gribben. ‘SEECEL’s work on learning outcomes for the green competence is an important starting point here,’ he adds.

ETF’s work on entrepreneurial learning and enterprises skills in the pre-accession region is governed by the Small Business Act for Europe (SBA) and broader EU education and training policies.

Winner of a number of international awards for its pioneering work on entrepreneurial learning, SEECEL was established and is governed by the governments of all 8 countries, the European Commission and the ETF.

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